Management Team
Media 27 is not your typical ad agency. In addition to our extensive creative capabilities, all of our principals bring entrepreneurial energy, strategic vision, financial expertise and management experience to every Client relationship. | Our approach is to develop and nurture long-term partnerships with a select group of companies where our skills can accelerate the achievement of our Clients’ specific business objectives. | We believe in well-defined deliverables, ongoing performance measurements, close communication, detailed accountability and exceptional Client service. | Please meet our team:
  • shukri farhad
  • steve fox
  • susan r. noble
  • joan tapper
  • mike verbois
With more than 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising, and with special emphasis on brand development, graphic design, print management and photography, Shukri remains an entrepreneur with a keen interest in technology. He has founded several companies, including Newforce, Inc., a systems integration and consulting firm specializing in advanced electronic publishing, digital imaging and high-speed data networks; and Santa Barbara Color, Inc., a pre-press facility to the trade. Though his primary focus at Media 27 is business development and relationship management, his creative roles often include creative director, producer and writer.